Sunday, June 11, 2017

Share Some Photos!

I really enjoy seeing others' photos and sharing mine as well.  I'm on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat - Yes, this 60+ year old lady is SnapChatting.  I love technology and have never been intimidated by learning new things.  I am a Regional Manager for a software company, so working with technology is a constant for me.  I decided to put the photos for this swap on my blog, and I hope you enjoy the visit.  Thanks for stopping by -- and feel free to share your pictures with me too -- I'd love to see them!

My first photo is a selfie I took to share with my co-workers last Monday.  Our HR Manager put together a cute Power Point of all the selfies she received, so I snapped this one.  Now you can see what I look like.  I'm much more comfortable taking the pictures, instead of being in them!

And while I'm talking about work - I'm sharing my new project management board that I put together a few weeks ago.  I read about Kanban and Agile Project Management, and thought I might be able to use something like that myself.  I color-coded each task and I really like having everything right in front of me.  I know it's probably not super-exciting photo subject matter, but I love it!

This picture is my parakeet named Kiwi.  I just took this last weekend, and sadly, Kiwi passed away on Wednesday.  She lived longer than most parakeets, but I still felt bad when she died.  

Part of me wanted to rush out and get another parakeet, but I decided to wait a few days.  Yesterday, I brought home 2 finches and they seem to be adapting just fine.  My daughter named them Sonny & Cher.  We're hoping they're both males, as I really don't want any finch babies!  But they're very cute, and I hope they like their new home.  

Here's one of my favorite photos I took earlier this year when my son was visiting from Tennessee.  He brought his dog with him - Pica - she lived here when he was college and couldn't have a pet.  She's a handful, but I do miss her!  My dog is the black & white one.  Her name is Leia, and she is the most laid-back dog ever.  Both dogs were adopted from shelters.

I'm also sharing some pictures of my kids.  I made this collage showing them as babies and now as young adults.  They're the loves of my life and I'm so proud of both of them!  

I'll leave you with this one.  Caught a beautiful sunset out in the country last weekend!  

Hope you enjoyed the photos -  Look me up on Instagram or SnapChat.  Thanks for visiting, and for being part of the swap.  Please post a rating so I know you've received this.  

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