Thursday, September 1, 2016

ESG: My favourite picture of the month August - from Happy Mom

Once again, I'm sharing multiple favorites from my photos - Another busy and fun month - and I celebrated a MILESTONE birthday.  I am a summer-lover big time, so the hot weather has had me in a great mood and I'm not looking forward to the change of seasons.  I do like early fall, but you can keep November and what comes next.  

Here are my favorite photos from August:

Starting with our early morning flight out of Richmond, heading to Phoenix.  The sunrise was breath-taking!

One of the highlights of the trip was that daughter's boyfriend came with us, and we kept that a secret until he just showed up at the airport!  She was looking forward to the trip, but not excited to be without boyfriend for 4 days... and lo and behold!  There he was!

The skies in the southwest are so pretty -- I really liked this photo taken from the resort.

This photo is of my brother.  He's 4 years younger than me, but in so many ways, he's more like a big brother and best friend.  Our parents passed away way too young, so he and I have always been extra close.  He's wearing his Blackhawks t-shirt, and you won't find a bigger fan anywhere!

This next photo was taken of my husband getting his first-ever barber shop razor shave and haircut.  I've had a few spa facials and really love how relaxing they are... He loved this experience too.  

While my daughter and her boyfriend were able to come to Phoenix with us, my son and his girlfriend had to stay in Tennessee.  They had just gotten back from California, and they were definitely missed.  However, they're coming to Virginia next weekend, as we're all going to the Washington Nationals baseball game on September 11th, which was the kids Father's Day gift to their dad.  I always love seeing my son, but I'm especially looking forward to meeting his girlfriend!  I snagged this photo from her Instagram.

Here's a photo I snapped at one of my favorite stops along US-460.  They're famous for their peanuts, but the menu is good old southern comfort food and it's ways fun to stop when I'm in the area.

So ... there you have my favorite photos from August.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them, and I hope that you'll read some of my other blog posts while you're here.  I'm really enjoying the blog!  If you're one of my partners for the swap on Swap-bot, thanks for posting a rating for me.

Have a great month!

Ilyse - Happy Mom


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing! So many lovely pictures! I loved the one with the palmtrees and the morning glowing sky! I get "Fernweh" when I see these. (I can't think of an adecuate word for "Fernweh" in english, and so doesn't the dictionary, but it is much like beein homesick. But instead of missing home - you miss unknown places :) )

    1. Oh I know that feeling of Fernweh too! Palm trees always make me miss Hawaii! Thank you for the sweet comment!