Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Favorite Photos from June - from HappyMom

I love this collage photo above - I saw an add on Facebook to order your name spelled with cool images.  I snagged this from their name-generator and love it!  I'm a summer and beach person, so when I say this "has my name on it" - I'm not kidding!

Time sure is going by fast, isn't it?  This year is half over, and I wish I knew where it went!  June was busy, and I saved a bunch of photos to share with you, so here we go!

Early in the month, I added two new members to the family -- "Sonny & Cher" are two society finches, and they are just adorable.  Apparently, you can't tell the males from the females, but the pet store clerk said they only sell males.  Imagine my surprise when I found 7 eggs in their nest! 

I am learning as I go, but apparently, females can lay eggs that aren't fertilized, so I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.  Aren't those the most perfect little eggs?

This next photo was one I never expected to take.  My son drove all the way from Chattanooga, home to Richmond, to surprise us for Father's Day!  It was an awesome surprise, and we had a great dinner out at The Boathouse Restaurant.  He got in at 6 AM on Saturday, and had to leave Sunday at noon, because he had to be back at work on Monday.  We sure enjoyed seeing him!

These next 3 pictures are from my visit to Chattanooga.  I'm here now, celebrating my son's birthday.  We had dinner at Terra Mae, in the Dwell Hotel, and we went to Sunset Rock at Lookout Mountain -- Absolutely gorgeous!  

So, that's my share for the swap this month!  I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos, and appreciate you posting a rating, so I know you got this.  And even if you're not assigned to send to me, I would love to see your photos too.  These are some of my favorite swaps on Swap-bot!

Have a great July, and I hope to swap again soon!

Let Freedom Ring,

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