Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Favorite Photo - July - from Happy Mom

Welcome to my blog where I post many of my electronic swaps for Swap-bot, and where I share a slice of my life with friends near and far.  Nice to have you here!  This post is my offering for my favorite photo swap for July, and I hope you like the selections.  

These first photos come from my trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit my son.  We went up to Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain and toured around the city's downtown area.  We celebrated his 24th birthday with a great dinner out.  
In fact, we had several wonderful meals while I was there.  

These next two are true throwbacks!  I was cleaning out our extra closet and came across some relics.  The photo on the left is my old radio station jacket from when I was the morning DJ at WZOK in Rockford, Illinois.  I also found a jacket from Rock 106 in Augusta, Georgia and a bag of old rock band T-shirts.  I'm hoping to find someone who makes quilts from old shirts, as that would be amazing!  I also found some old photos.  The pic on the right was taken when I was the Program Director of WRXL-XL102 here in Richmond, Virginia.  That car was "the Big Yellow Taxi" that we drove to all our events.  How about that hair?!

This last batch are the doggies for the month.  Leia loves the water...Pica is a great co-pilot... and the two of them take over the bed when I'm not in it!

July was a busy month, but I think August is even busier!  Work has picked up and I'm on the road every week.  I've already got some great photos for next month's swap, so even if we're not partnered by Swap-bot, I hope you'll drop by to check it out.  I'd also love to see your photos, so feel free to forward your swap to me too, if you care to share.  

Hope you have a great month, and thanks for posting a rating so I know you've received this swap!  

 Love & Hugs,
Ilyse - Happy Mom