Friday, December 30, 2016

My Favorite Picture of the Month - December from Happy Mom

Hello and Happy New Year!  December sure seemed to fly by, and here we are, embarking on a brand New Year.  I hope and pray that 2017 brings abundant blessings and much love to all!

For the Swap-bot swap "Favorite Picture - December," I've selected a few from my trip up to Connecticut and a few from Christmas.  I hope you like them.

I seem to have terrible luck when it comes to travel.  I was booked from Richmond to Dulles to Hartford, but got rebooked when my Richmond-Dulles flight was delayed and I would have missed the connection.  Instead, I went to Newark and would have arrived in Hartford at 4 instead of 2.  However, the flight from Newark was delayed several times, and to avoid being stuck in Newark overnight and missing the meeting in CT, I picked up a rental car at Newark and drove to Wallingford.  It was rush hour by the time I hit the George Washington Bridge, but I made it to CT by 7 PM, and was glad I got there in one piece!  The flight from Newark did make it, but it would have been after 11 PM when I got to the hotel.
Driving from Newark to Wallingford

Girl and her dog at the airport
The trip home was much less stressful, and it was good to be here.  I spent the rest of the month wrapping up as much as I could for this year's sales and finished with a great month!  

Here are some pictures from our Christmas.  My daughter is our tree decorator and she always does a beautiful job.  "Santa" was good to us this year, as you can see.

Lots of gifts!
My amazing kids 

My son came home for the holidays from Tennessee with plans to purchase a new car while he's here.  We got him squared away on Christmas Eve, and then my husband decided to trade in his car too.  He got his new car the day after Christmas.  Our driveway looks like a Honda dealership!

Michael's new ride
Jacob's new ride

My daughter started her new job on December 27th and really seems to like it.  She has her own cubicle and is so happy to be out of retail! 

Callie's Cubicle

Lastly, we went to dinner at Tazza Kitchen and snapped a group selfie on the way out.  

Johnson Family, December 2016

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few photos from this past month, and that your year was a good one.  There is so much to be thankful for and so many things to look forward to -- I wish you a cozy Winter, early Spring and many happy days ahead!

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  1. I hope and pray your family is blessed. Your children and you all are beautiful