Monday, October 10, 2016

MY PET email photo swap - from Happy Mom

Oh yes --- posting pictures of my dog is always fun!  I'm sharing both my dog, Princess Leia, and my son's dog, Pica.  Both dogs were adopted from shelters - Pica as a puppy and Leia had been a stray.  Pica lived with us for 2 years because my son couldn't keep her at his college apartment, so she's been part of our family since the beginning.  My son moved out of state, but Pica's been back to visit several times and just fits right in when she's here.  Leia has to be the most tolerant and patient "big cousin" ever -- she lets Pica take the spotlight, but I swear she's happy to be the queen again when Pica goes home!

Leia is some kind of spaniel mix - black and white, and 9 years old.  Pica is a hound mix - brown and black, 4.5 years old.  Hope you enjoy these photos!

Leia loves her walks!

Walking the two of them together isn't easy!
Always sitting pretty!
Rough day?
Pica has such long legs!

Yes, as a matter of fact, she is the queen!
More walks - can't get enough!

Looking out the bedroom window
Leia loves getting in the water on her walks

Looking for treats!
The game is on, and we're rooting for the Nats!

Thanks for taking a look at my photos - Hope you enjoyed meeting Pica and Leia!
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I'm enjoying being able to share my thoughts on here!

All the best,

Ilyse - Happy Mom

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