Monday, October 31, 2016

My Favorite Pictures - October

Hello Swappers and Friends!

Here are my photos for October - I hope you like them!

These first two were taken at the Metro Richmond Zoo.  I had been wanting to see the giraffes there for a few weeks, so one Saturday morning, I got up and went!  Our zoo's giraffe exhibit lets you get very close and you can feed them zoo food.  How fun!

These next 4 pictures are from a quick road trip to Virginia Beach for work.  I am a regional sales manager for my company, and I cover all of Virginia and parts of West Virginia.  I love staying at the oceanfront any time I head to the Tidewater area of the state.  The sunrises are spectacular, and even a cloudy, windy day can have amazing sights!  

And my final picture for this month was taken at Game 5 of the World Series.  This is my brother and nephew.  We are lifelong Cubs fans and it's so exciting to watch them play in the World Series!  
I'm happy that they got to go to the game.  

That's it for this month - If we're partnered on Swap-bot, please post a rating for me.  And even if you're not assigned to send your swap to me, I'd love to see your pictures too.  Have a great month, and I'll catch ya next time!

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  1. Hi Ilyse - these are lovely pictures. Oceanfronts are said to be very calming and you are incredibly lucky to be able to visit such places without sacrificing your work.