Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Where I Live - swap from Happy Mom

The idea is to share photos and give your partners a good idea about where you live. I find it fascinating to see life through others' eyes, and hope you'll enjoy a quick visit here with me.  

These first two photos are from the front of our lot, looking up to the house from our driveway, and then looking up the street.  That mailbox is where I get my mail.  If you've ever sent me a swap via snail mail - that's where it was delivered.

This next shot was taken standing in front of the house, looking to the left side.  The garden is done for this year, and we really need to work on regrowing the grass in the back yard.  It's one big mud puddle right now.  If you look towards the tree line, you'll see a concrete angel sitting on a bench.

Here's a closer shot of the bench and the angel, along with my front porch angel too.  

And my "fur angel" always has to know what I'm up to -- That's Leia, my 9 year old English Spaniel/hound dog mutt -- You won't find a sweeter dog anywhere!

Also outside is the shed, AKA - the Man Cave.  The plan is to tear this one down and replace it with one for Christmas - My hubby spends a lot of time out there, and he deserves a decent place.  Right now, it's creepy- cobwebs, bugs - YUCK!  

Alright - Come on inside and take a look around!

First, we walk through the Living Room, and then into the kitchen.


We had our carpets cleaned today, so stuff is everywhere 
while the floors dry.  The first picture is taken from inside my son's bedroom, through his door and into my daughter's room.  My son moved out of state after college, so his room has become a guest room and storage space.  The second photo is a custom bookcase that my daughter's boyfriend built for her when he remodeled her room.  She never has enough room for all her stuff!

So - that's the tour of where I live.  This last shot is from the entrance of my neighborhood.  I hope you enjoyed the visit, and come back any time!

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Ilyse  -  Happy Moom

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