Friday, September 16, 2016

Gratitude List - from Happy Mom

I like taking time out to be thankful.  There's so much all around to be thankful for, that it can be easy to miss....even with the craziness of the economy, politics, crime and whatever family or work drama you're surrounded by.  I choose to see what's good, even if it takes a little digging!

Here's my list of things I'm grateful for right here, right now:

1)  Always grateful for God's Love.
Not only did He give me life, but He's made it worth living.  Even when He feels far away (which isn't often, but happens at times), I know that it's me that moved away, not the other way around.

2)  My family and friends.
They put up with me, give me a sense of value and keep me on my toes.  Even when we can't be together or things aren't going the way I want them to, I am grateful for unconditional love.  I'm especially grateful for my parents, whom I miss every day with all my heart - they were amazing!

3)  My work and my clients.
I have been at my job for 6 years and thank God every day that I accepted the job and stayed with the company, even when I had the opportunity to leave.  I work with some great customers, managers and co-workers who challenge me and celebrate me - what could be better?  It's been rewarding in every way.

4)  Music.
From the early days of listening to folk music with my dad, to the crazy days of being a rock n roll dj, to today as an 'upper demo female listener' -- I have always found meaning and connection through music.  Heartfelt or silly lyrics can reboot my mood or encourage me through tough times.  My kids tell me that I have a song for every situation, and they may be right!

5)  The 5 Senses - or is it 6?
Tasting good food, hearing sweet sounds, seeing beautiful mountains, feeling warm sunshine or smelling fresh ocean air...these all make me grateful for nature, God's gifts and the ability to experience it all.  I'm also grateful for intuition and being able to sense when something isn't quite right or when it is.  

6)  Freedom
Some people might think we take our freedom for granted, or that it's something we're entitled to for one reason or another.  I always count my blessings when I think of the sacrifices of American heroes or trailblazers who went before us, enabling us to live free.  It makes me sad when people miss this or don't respect the sacrifices of others.

7)  Technology
I admit it -- I'm a geek-wanna-be.  I love computers and blue tooth and the internet.  I think connecting on social media is awesome, and discovering old friends online is amazing!  I know I don't know enough to be a real techie, but don't tell me that my computer can't do something that I know it should, because I will work into the wee hours to prove it can.  

8)  God's Word and Bible study
My personal faith journey started with a great foundation and morphed into an all-out pursuit of knowing God better and living for Him.  I am fascinated by the layers of Scriptures, their meanings and applications.  I know that I fall way short, but I'm always challenged and encouraged to dive deeper.

9)  Books, Movies and TV
I love getting lost in a good story!  I like forgetting about myself and getting so involved in other characters' lives, that their presence lingers even after the story ends.  Maybe its an escape, maybe it's an excuse to just veg out for a bit, but there's nothing like getting wrapped up in a great series and chomping at the bit for the next episode!

10)  The extra degree - Be 212°
I'm grateful for the extra degree that changes water into steam.  I have this on a mug on my desk:
"At 211 degrees, water is hot.  At 212 degrees, it boils.  And with boiling water, comes steam.  And with steam, you can power a train.  One extra degree makes all the difference."  I strive to be 212° and appreciate others who do too.

So....that's my list!  I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and if we're partners on the "Gratitude List" swap on Swap-bot, thanks for posting a rating for me.  I am grateful for YOU!

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