Sunday, July 24, 2016

Spend the Day With Me - swap-bot swap from Happy Mom

Hello swappers!  I am crazy about seeing everyone's photos and sharing mine - even just the typical places people go on a day to day basis are so interesting to me.  So, for this swap, I snapped all my pictures on Saturday, July 23rd, and have posted some here for your enjoyment.  It was a pretty uneventful day, which is a welcomed change for me!  

My day started out the same as it always does - Morning coffee in my spot in the living room.  I can't function without it.  This was 7 AM:

Not a pretty sight, but we're all friends here, right?!

Here's a shot of my kitchen - early morning and late night are my favorite times of day.

Since it was Saturday, I treated myself to breakfast at a local spot called "The Egg & I" - my new favorite breakfast place.  I'm following an eating plan called "Trim Health Mama" and it's easy to stay on-plan there.  I love bacon but don't like cooking it at home.  After breakfast, I checked for Pokemon Go and found one in my car :)  I snapped this one before I captured him!

After breakfast, I did some shopping - I'm going to Phoenix in a few weeks and was hoping to find something to wear to dinner with my family.  I found some good buys at Kohls, and also shopped at Office Depot for a new printer.  I did a little work - updated my account list, got my week ahead lined up and gave the dog a bath.  As I was out and about, I checked the time and temp - it sure was hot, and today is supposed to be even hotter.

At 5 PM, I had a massage -- It was amazing!  I snapped this picture of the geese outside Massage Envy - they are cute, but there's geese poop really have to watch your step!  Gross!  

After my massage, I decided to get Chipotle for dinner, since no one's home but me.  Daughter is out with boyfriend and hubby had to work.  I actually stayed on plan again for dinner - only ate 1/3 of this burrito bowl:

Still crazy hot outside - even at 7:30 in the evening - this is from my car's dashboard:

Good to be home - and the doggie was happy to see me.  "Princess Leia" is the best, most chill dog ever.  She's 9 years old and always my faithful friend!

Snapped this as I walked Leia - you can see the outside of my car, and my house :

We walked by the big neighborhood sign and the community pool, which is where I'm heading today!

And that's about it for the day - watched some TV and got to bed around midnight.  I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me, and if you're one of my swap partners for this swap on Swap-bot, please remember to post a rating!  Thank you!

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