Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Favorite Photo from July Swap-bot swap from Happy Mom

Once again, I'm using my blog to post the photos I'm selecting for this swap on Swap-bot.  These swaps are fun and I'm a sucker for looking at others' photos too.  Even if you're not assigned to reciprocate and send your swap to me, I would love to see the photos you shared this month too.  If you feel like sharing, send them my way!  And thanks for posting a rating, so I know you got this swap alright.


This month was a busy one for me, so I'm going to share some highlights.  July is one of my favorite months and it includes my favorite holiday- America's Independence Day - July 4th.  I love my country and have always been very patriotic.  Here are a few pictures I took at the Reservoir near our house.  We had dinner at my favorite restaurant, "The Boathouse"and I caught a gorgeous sunset!

Also took a picture of my hubby and me, and my daughter and me:

Here's a picture of the restaurant too - I love how they decorated for the summer festivities:

I had a business trip to Augusta, Georgia towards the end of the month.  I lived there before moving here to Richmond, so it was fun to see how much the area had changed.  I drove past my old apartment building and snapped this photo.  My unit was the upper corner with the balcony.  

I also had friends in from Seattle, and we had dinner at Station 2 in Richmond.  Here's Susan, me and her grandson Jackson:

My son came home for a visit and to drop his dog off with us, while he traveled to Oakland, California to be with his girlfriend.  He's picking her up at the airport in Tennessee today, and I know he's glad that she's back.  They've only been together for a few months, but I think he's pretty smitten with her -- could be "the one" for him!  I took this picture with him before he left here to go back to Tennessee:

Now, that was taken a few weeks after the ones from the Boathouse - I swear, I do own other dresses besides this one, but I happened to be wearing it both days!

I also had a business trip to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, so I "had" to include a visit to the oceanfront.  I love the beach and summer.  Here are two shots from my trip:

And my final shot for the month cracks me up!  I was leaving my house for a meeting, and noticed this little green thing sprouting up as I stepped out of the door.  It was so bizarre, I had to take a picture of it!  Crazy, isn't it?!  It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, which I included at the end.

Hope you have a great month, and thanks for checking out my favorite photos of the month for July!

Till the next one - 
Ilyse - Happy Mom 

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